Guaranteed quality

All vehicles of our fleet are regularly subject to maintenance and every breakdown or crash are solved quickly and carefully in order to have always functional vehicles, in line with B&G standards.

After 36 months of rental service, the vehicles goes through a complete check up and receives restoration action if needed. After this process the vehicles are offered for sale. Every vehicle is provided with a sort of ID with its complete biography, with mileage, services and maintenance works.

 To all of B&G’ second hand vehicles customers our company guarantees its after sale assistance. Our customer care department is always willing to support and help. Those who buy our vehicles have the opportunity to rely on a network of tire service and workshops affiliated with B&G assistance throughout the Italian territory.

Booking our vehicles

Buying our secondhand fleet is an advantage for your business: perfect condition vehicles and planning security. You can book your secondhand vehicles and be sure to obtain the best option possible and set its delivery without make do with a no-functional  vehicle.

Trade in vehicles

To meet the many demands, B&G is developing a sales network able to evaluate the fleet of public and private companies, identifying the vehicles  that need replacing. B&G will take care of collecting the vehicle and placing it back on the market after the procedure of diagnostics and restoration of used vehicles. Our sale network will then support the company in finding new vehicles and solution for its fleet.