The need for many companies in the environmental sector to outsource the costs and risks of vehicle maintenance has increased rental demand. B. & G. Ecoline offers a highly qualified rental service, able to guarantee an effective and efficent service to customers, together with a specific industry competence. Our staff is professionals and prepared to meet every customer needs with a face to face approach. Today B&G Ecoline is one of the market leaders, with a current management of over 200 vehicles and more than 500 in recent years.

The main advantages of renting

Full service, administrative simplification, improved management and budget planning, fuel savings, improved productivity, improved work environment. There are many advantages of choosing to rent vehicles instead of other forms of loans or purchase. In the following points we will see a detailed summary of the most interesting and, perhaps, better known advantages of the rental.

Integral service

B.&G. Ecoline takes care of everything: vehicle purchase, matriculation, personalization, number plates, tax payments, insurance contracting, maintenance, wheels change, roadside assistance, replacement vehicles and highly specialized fleet management services (kilometer control or consumption per vehicle and user, fuel savings, fuel payment management, etc.). Furthermore, B.&.G Ecoline deals with a very difficult task: the management of the commercial practices of the vehicle.

Administrative simplification

The rental greatly simplifies all administrative areas that involve the possession and use of the vehicle by the company.

In addition, insurances that include rental usually offer extensive risk coverage and no limitations in relation to the age of drivers and seniority of licenses.

Improvement in budget management and planning

Another important advantage of the rental is the advance knowledge of the cost of the fleet or vehicle, which is particularly important when planning and optimizing the budget in the management of fleets and routes.

Before signing the rental agreement, the company knows in detail what it will cost to have a vehicle or a fleet for 3 or 4 years, without unexpected fluctuations due to financial markets, revisions in the type of interest, extra maintenance costs, repair or claims, etc..

Monthly rate

The rental fee includes a series of costs that are normally charged to the owner:

  • The costs of maintenance of the vehicle such as: coupons, periodic replacement of worn parts (transmission belt, clutch, brakes, etc.), tire change, etc.. The sum of these costs is important for a single company but it is compressed for rental operators who handle these costs on a large scale.
  • Insurance costs. The cost of securing the vehicle is an important part of the monthly fee as the rental always offers comprehensive insurance coverage, with roadside assistance, tow truck service, vehicle replacement, etc..
  • Property tax.

In addition to these costs there are also advantages for operators who choose the rental formula:

  • Lower administrative costs: the ordinary management of the vehicles requires the intervention of administrative hours and the risk of incurring errors.
  • No financial cost such as leasing, financing or even amortization.

Greater rental guarantees

The rental service offers the widest guarantee against risks related to the management of the company fleet.

  • The urban waste collection service can not be interrupted and the interruption provides economic and criminal sanctions. Therefore, many administrators and managers prefer not to risk and, opting for rental, have access to the wide fleet of B.&G. Ecoline that allows an immediate replacement of the unavailable vehicles.
  • The management of the repair, whether it derives from wear or accident failure, also entails costs and risks: those customers who own internal garages able to operate on the vehicle independently bear important fixed costs that are not always justified by the staff maintenance and repair costs. Moreover, the administrative procedure is often long and expensive due to the amount of economic choices whose relevance is itself insignificant compared to the hours worked by the administrative staff. Spare parts are not always available and in the absence of an important warehouse, their availability can lead to a prolonged stop. All these reasons are the basis of a diseconomy for a single company. A different matter for those like B.&G. Ecoline has a branched-out structure of dealers and garages capable of absorbing these costs on a large scale, integrating them into the rental package.

Accounting and tax benefits of rental

The rental implies some very interesting accounting and tax advantages.

  • When the vehicle is 100% professional or commercial, the rental fee is 100% deductible. So the VAT is totally deductible if the use of the vehicle is 100% professional.
  • The majority of rental operations do not require the delivery of any initial amount, which implies a lightening for the company that reserves a liquidity that can be used for other operations and avoids having to repay VAT, etc..
  • From a financial point of view rental operations are calculated at fixed rates, so they do not suffer any significant changes due to the fluctuation of interest rates or financial markets.