Thanks to years of experience and collaboration with equipment and frame manufacturers, Eco Project can offer its customers unbeatable prices on the purchase of new high quality vehicles.

Renting is not always the best choice for the client company. For example, those who plan to keep the vehicle for a long period, of time measurable in years, can evaluate the purchase of a new vehicle that will have a monetizable residual value at the end of the period of use.

Another advantage of investing in a new vehicle is the unlimited mileage and unlimited working hours of the vehicle and the possibility of choosing the insurance policy most suited to the specific situation. Moreover it is good to point out that the purchase of work vehicles is often subjected to reductions and facilitations by the institutions.

All frames and equipment purchased through Ecoproject have a variable guarantee based on the type of equipment and vehicle chosen. After the purchase the Ecoproject assistance assures you the availability of our staff in solving any problem that the vehicle could present, thanks to an efficient after-sales service available throughout the year.

Contact us or visit us at our Cesena headquarters to learn about our range of vehicles for sale.



  1. & G. Ecolyne has accompanied several public and private companies, consortiums of municipalities and municipalized companies, during the start-up phase or the restructuring of waste collection plans. B. & G. Ecolyne Com has created and launched several projects for waste management and collectio: from the territorial dimensioning and from the analysis of collection costs, up to the drafting of tenders.
  • Feasibility and executive projects of the waste collection system
    • Territorial investigations and inspections at utilities
    • Analysis and design of intervention strategies and technical assistance for the organization of the collections
    • Drafting of financial plans for the formulation of the waste collection tariff
    • Drafting of technical tender documentation for the urban waste collection and transport service
    • Product analysis of waste
    • Consulting for the activation of punctual rates
    • Environmental communication projects

Our staff is able to provide training services both on the technical use of the vehicles and on fleet management, a fundamental ability to optimize costs, interventions and productivity.



In collaboration with various financial groups, we offer tailor-made financial solutions that adapt to the needs of the customer, allowing them to acquire the best equipment on the market at the best financial conditions.



Over the years Ecoproject has completed tasks related to environmental assessment, financial management and planning, institutional strengthening and standards development, drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and supervision of solid waste management plants. International offices also provide services for the development of renewable energy.

Currently Ecoproject has assignments in the West African countries of feasibility of projects for the management of waste collection plants.