The environmental and urban hygiene sectors are constantly changing. The scarcity of resources and the growing need to safeguard the planet are pushing for the development of a new system based both on its economy and on respect for the environment. The result is the green economy, or circular economy, a system of productive activities that interface with each other and aim to reduce the environmental impact through reuse, recycling and the sharing of resources and products. The means to achieve these results are renewable energy sources, waste reduction and technological innovations.

In this scenario Ecoproject is located, counting on the years of experience of B&G Ecoline.Confrontation with customers, suppliers and the external environment and collection of suggestions, needs and recommendations regarding the evolution of the environmental sector, in a greener, also cheaper, perspective is the key for choosinfg to dedicate part of the B&G Group's resources to research and development of new products and processes.


Less consumption, reduced emissions, quality and technology are the key themes of the new global mobility. These are the premises for the new transport market which is increasingly orientating itself towards the choice of electrically powered and hybrid engines.

The B&G Group, through its subsidiary Ecoproject, is also investing resources in research and development of high-performance and reliable electric vehicles.

Choosing an electrically powered vehicle is a conscious decision both for the environment and for one's work.

  • Homologation for road use. Access to historic centers and ZTL.
  • New generation lithium batteries. Up to 200 km of guaranteed autonomy.
  • Zero emissions. Same performance as a petrol engine.

Our electrically powered compactors and vans are already available and ready for sale.


Eco Project aims to innovate the sector of urban hygiene and green mobility. This intention gives rise to research into products with less impact on the environment but also with a technological and innovative approach.

In this R&D perspective Eco Project presented products such as the Solar Garbage Can and the Electric Street Vacuum on the market. Both oriented towards an idea of ​​a city that is more attentive to energy saving and cutting-edge.

Born from customers' requests to include in urban areas, and not only, smart and tidy separate collection systems, the Solar Garbage Can is a bin for the collection of three different types of waste incorporated into a structure with a LED screen , great for inserting various kind of communication, an USB charging system and wi-fi connection. The whole structure is powered by a solar panel that makes it 100% green.

The close collaboration with municipal companies has highlighted the need for our historic centers of operators equipped for waste collection in a simple and fast way. To increase the efficiency of street cleaning Eco Project has proposed to the market its Aspirator that powered by battery allows you to collect medium and small-sized waste such as cans and plastic bottles by simply aspirating them. Small dimensions and four wheels allow it to be the perfect companion for the ecological operators of the city.