Ecoproject was founded in 2011 as part of the B&G Ecoline Group. The aim of Ecoproject is to discover new products and innovations in the ecology field to be introduced on the Italian, European and Extra-European market.

The strength of Ecoproject is the analysis and design of: vehicles with low environmental impact, solutions for waste collection, management solutions, selection plant management, preparation of door-to-door rates, planning and consultancy for integrated collection systems.

Ecoproject's work is divided into three distinct phases: analysisdesign and marketing.

  • The analysis phase is the main step during the opening of new commercial situations, in which homologues and certifications are verified to obtain a high quality product, performing and suitable for the applicant market.
  • The design allows us to process high-performance products that allow us to obtain remarkable work results, such as recycled products.
  • During the marketing phase we have the sales of these products, in addition to the design of technological systems, participation in management companies and projects that respect the territorial conditions.

The ambition is to open up new commercial realities not only in Italy and Europe but also in West Africa. In fact, we are able to prepare feasibility studies, evaluating alternative routes and analyzing the effects on the environment.

In addition Ecoproject offers:

  • Sale of new vehicles, equipment and products for the hygiene sector
  • After sale services
  • Rental assistance
  • Sale of spare parts
  • Financial solution